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Don't lose your confidence or your comfort even for a moment

Get supreme oral cleanliness and feel confident thanks to secure dentures. Fixodent Dual Protection gives you both a long-lasting hold and a clean, healthy mouth, every day. A highly effective antibacterial action keeps your breath fresh for up to six hours while a seal prevents food particles from reaching beneath the denture. A comfortable fit and a strong hold will give you extra confidence. Fixodent Dual Protection goes the extra mile to make you feel self-confident day after day.

Did you know?

A large number of published clinical studies show that Fixodent improves the performance of your dentures and it even improves hold of well-fitted ones.
With an easy application, Fixodent adhesives adapts incredibly well to the unique shape of your gums to create a custom fit.

  • Comfort, strong hold and foodseal

    Comfort, strong hold and foodseal

    Fixodent provides incredibly strong hold and great comfort throughout the day. It keeps dentures securely in place and provides a snug and comfortable fit. Its great sealing features helps prevent food particles from getting beneath your dentures.

  • Foodseal + Antibacterial benefit

    Foodseal + Antibacterial benefit

    The very thin nozzle helps from a seal to prevent food particles such as seeds and nuts from infiltrating beneath your denture. Highly effective anti-bacterial action keeps your breath fresh for up to six hours.

  • Unique thin nozzle

    Unique thin nozzle

    Fixodent's 0% thin nozzle allows for 40% more protection against food infiltration vs. Complete variants.

  • British Dental Health Foundation Approved

    British Dental Health Foundation Approved

    Fixodent is the only denture fixative cream approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

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Dries out and hardens in tube

This is the best fixative I've used. Problem is - with no extremes of temperature, most tubes half through use, end up with the nozzle blocked with hardened lumps in the tube. This week, having been unable to unblock the nozzle, I cut the top 2mm or so off the nozzle and that seems to have solved the problem with this tube. Maybe my solution will be taken on board for manufacture although the larger aperture does mean more fixative comes out than is maybe needed.

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